Movimento: Glimpses of Italian Street Life was published (December 2006) by Gangemi Editore, an Italian publisher. Movimento looks at the mosaic of daily life in Italy-the intimate, short-lived moments which occur in public and reveal the sensuous and the humorous, the ordinary and the mysterious. The photographs are a personal view of what is both special and even magical about Italian life. The stories the images tell are almost always a bit ambiguous-just the way lives lived are. As a result, we become totally engaged in the universality of the stories told and imagined.
Movimento was very positively reviewed and selected as one of the most intriguing books of 2007 in the December 2007 issue of PDN (Photo District News magazine) and was recommended as one of nine books for winter viewing (again, with a great review) in the December 2007 issue of Black & White Magazine.

Movimento is a very limited edition (480 copies) and reasonably priced book. It is hard bound, 8 1/2"x 11 7/8", 96 pages, with 81 duotone printed photographs one per page. Two essays accompany the photographs (all text in English and Italian), one by Andrea Barrett, the well known author of seven novels whose last book was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. She is a MacArthur Fellowship winner, and a winner of the National Book Award for her book, Ship Fever. The second essay is by Giuliana Mariniello, a professor of English Literature at Naples University and a highly regarded author and photographer in Italy. The images represent ten years (1996-2005) of photographing in Italy. Twelve of the photographs can be seen on this website, the link Italy: Movimento is on the upper left.

Each book will be numbered and signed. I will be distributing the book exclusively in the United States. It will not be available in bookstores. If you would like a book or have questions about it, please contact me at