Workshops and Classes

Harvey's 2017 teaching schedule through October is as follows. If interested in any of the classes or workshops, please email or call 212.316.9157 .


International Center of Photography
New York, NY


Photographic Seeing
March 18-19, 25-26, two-weekend workshop
New York, New York
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Light (and shadow), shape, texture, line, pattern, color, focus, scale, perspective, and movement are among the characteristic elements explored in this introduction to the basic grammar of vision through photography. This worskhop is designed to develop each student’s ability to perceive and express him/herself visually. The emphasis is on improving visual literacy as well as manual skills. Through an assignment or two, a shooting field trip and critiques, students develop a greater understanding of the possibilities inherent in the medium.

Exploring Portraiture and the Landscape
April 13-June 22, ten-week workshop
New York, New York
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This class is designed for photographers who are interested in exploring the range of technical and aesthetic issues of two distinct genres: portrait and landscape photography.  During the first five weeks, students focus on elements of making a compelling portrait, looking at pose, gesture, and expression. Lighting (natural and artificial), environment and location, composition and the relationship between the subject and photographer are some of the topics explored. The second five weeks investigate the landscape genre from traditional to contemporary approaches. Students find their own style through assignments, critiques, and slide presentations.

Lighting for the Portrait
May 6-7, 13-14, two-weekend workshop
New York, New York
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Without light, photography is impossible.  The mastery and control of light is of particular importance in making portraits.  This workshop will detail the variety of ways one can illuminate the subject using tungsten and strobe light.  The emphasis in this two weekend workshop will be placed on studio lighting, but we will also address outdoor and on-location lighting.  Lighting the face varies significantly from lighting the figure and we will consider both.

Covered in depth will be lighting foreground/background elements, using one light to multiple lighting setups, exposure of light for controlled yet creative results, ways of manipulating light, when and how to use contrasty and diffused light simultaneously, accessories (flash meters, reflectors, grids, soft boxes, etc.), and the theory and practice of lighting ratios.  The workshop will include discussions, demonstrations, and participants photographing a model in the studio.

This workshop is for those who want to begin photographing subjects in controlled lighting situations, whether at home, at work or in a studio to those who have some experience with lighting but wish to take the next step toward making meaningful portraits in a technically proficient way.  

Photographing People
July 10-14, five-day class
New York, New York
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When we photograph people, we encounter all the possibilities and challenges that arise when establishing relationships with strangers, friends, or loved ones. Portraiture requires the vigilance to notice and interpret gestures and expressions and the patience to wait for the moment in which the subject’s character is revealed. In this workshop, students photograph people in various locations—in the studio, in different environments, and on the street—in order to gain an understanding of the particular issues that arise in each situation. Key topics include ways of capturing character in a photograph, methods of approaching and photographing strangers, the use of light (both natural and flash in outdoor and studio situations) as an expressive and aesthetic element of the photograph and techniques of posing and interacting with subjects. All formats welcome.

Photographing New York City Places and People
July 22-23, 29-30, two-weekend class
New York, New York
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The true subject of this workshop is the amazing and fantastic city of New York and the people who populate it. Of course there are endless possibilities when making images of the city. Our approach will be to explore out of the way places that are filled with interesting and exciting sites and people and events.  We will travel to such places as the fantasy land of Coney Island, the huge Asian community of Flushing, Queens, the Hispanic enclave in Corona, Queens, the vibrant Italian community of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and travel on the Staten Island Ferry to that neglected borough. Elements of photographing people and places such as lighting; environment and location; gesture, expression, and pose; composition; camera position and formats; and the relationship between subject and photographer will be explored and analyzed. 

Spectacular New Mexico: Travel Workshop to Taos, New Mexico
August 12-20
New York, New York
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This workshop will explore the northern areas of New Mexico with shooting trips to the Ghost Ranch area, the Rio Grande Gorge, Native American pueblos, Santa Fe, and small Hispanic villages. We stay at a historic, beautiful hacienda where such luminaries as Georgia O’Keefe, D.H. Lawrence, Dennis Hopper, and Ansel Adams either lived or visited.  This is a unique adventure that includes photographing the spectacular landscape, the incredible summer light and colors, and the friendly and interesting people of New Mexico. JOIN US. This is the tenth year that I will conduct this fabulous workshop.



India Photography Workshops
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Photographing Southern India: Mumbai, Kerala, Hyderabad
January 13-26, 2017

Four Colors of India: Photographing Rajasthan, Agra, New Delhi, and Varanasi
January 29-February 11, 2017

These two different workshops emphasize the people and architecture of Southern and Northern India, the palette of its colors, from the riches of its palaces to the down-to-earth lives of its inhabitants.

The theme is COLORFUL INDIA: RED, WHITE, BLUE AND GOLD.  These are the thematic colors of the four major areas we will cover. These are my fourth and fifth workshops to India: it is a fabulous, surreal, amazing country and experience. 

Leica Gallery and Store San Francisco—Master Workshop with Harvey Stein
May 19-22, three-day weekend workshop
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This workshop will focus on the techniques and insights needed to make meaningful images of people.  We will consider the variety of ways to photograph individuals, including friends, family, and strangers in such diverse settings as the home, the street and in work situations.  The workshop will also explore ways of organizing environmental elements to make persuasive statements of and about people.

Key topics include ways of capturing character, methods of approaching and photographing strangers on the street, the use of light (both natural and flash) as an expressive and aesthetic element of the photograph and techniques of posing and interacting with subjects.

Center for Documentary Studies
September 22-24
Duke University, Durham NC
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The workshop aims to provide each student with knowledge of and experience in photographing people in a variety of ways including on the street, indoor locations, and in the subject’s environment.  The emphasis will be on creating inventive portraits that are personally based and meaningful.  The objective will be accomplished through lectures, demonstrations, photographic field trips, slide presentations and critiques.

Amazing Laos and Vietnam Workshop
October 7-20
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 I am thrilled to announce my first photography workshop to Vietnam and Laos (I’ve done a workshop to Laos previously). This is a trip with amazing scope and depth of exotic experiences; we visit some of South East Asia’s most spectacular treasures and hidden gems including Luang Prabang’s (Laos) peninsula of temples and monks, travel along the Mekong River to hidden caves and villages, and venture to the major northern cities of Vietnam, including Hanoi and Hoi An, one of the most atmospheric and delightful towns in Vietnam, a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site with more than 800 historic buildings. We will photograph night and day markets, majestic coastlines and landscapes, small authentic craft and fishing villages and the very humble and interesting people of these vibrant countries.