Workshops and Classes

The year 2019 promises to be a terrific year photographically, with at least nine exciting New York and global workshops and with my new book, Mexico Between Life and Death, getting lots of attention and sales. Here is Harvey’s teaching schedule through October. If interested in any, please email Harvey at hsteinfoto@aol or call 212-316-9157. Here’s wishing you a great new year. 


Colorful China
March 31–April 13, 2019
Register: 212-316-9157 (a few spaces are still available)

I am very excited to offer, along with Margarita Mavromichalis, this workshop to colorful China for 13 days/14 nights of photographing some of the great places and the people of this amazing and intriguing country. This will be a trip with broad scope and depth of experience; we will visit and photograph large cities and small villages all with the aim of learning about the customs and culture of the country while making meaningful and interesting images. We will visit city folk as well as those in the country toiling in their rice paddies.  We will explore authentic village life and be welcomed into their homes to photograph and interact.  We will photograph night and day markets, People’s Parks, beautiful landscapes, small authentic craft and fishing villages and the very humble and interesting people of this vibrant country.

A matchmaker corner in Shanghai

We will travel by private, comfortable coaches, an overnight super train, and two internal flights.  We plan to visit an orphanage, a home for the elderly, ethnic minority villages along with famous places like Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.   Along with the people, we will photograph a temple and mosque, assembly halls, an ancestral house, the first contemporary art facility dedicated exclusively to photography, a space aged book store, ancient pedestrian streets, and rice fields carved out of mountains.

We want to share this wonderful country with others who have a similar passion for travel to unusual places in order to photograph and experience the local culture. Along with our expert guides, Margarita and I will take you to places and events that are not at all well-known or experienced.  

An important and special feature of our trip has been our collaboration with Megan Connolly, an art advisor with decades of experience in Asia and China in particular. She has expertly helped to frame the itinerary for us.  I first met Megan through friends and colleagues at several exhibitionsof Chinese art in New York.  She was the ultimate guide to the art, to China and its importance -- having lived in China for 15 years and fluent in Mandarin.  Her network of relationships and access will give us an insider's perspective that will make for a unique experience for all of us, as she will guide us for most of the workshop. A native New Yorker, Megan holds a degree in East Asian Studies and Art History and received a certificate in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University.

This will be a fun, exciting workshop that will give us ample opportunities for making wonderful photographs.

New York Photography Workshop
May 31–June 2, 2019
Register: 212-316-9157

This exciting three-day weekend workshop, taught with Margarita Mavromichalis, will feature experiencing and photographing out of the way neighborhoods of New York, including Bushwick and Williamsburg Brooklyn, Coney Island (of course), Flushing and Jackson Heights Queens (Chinese and Indian neighborhoods, respectively) as well as possible Manhattan locations including the Lower East Side, and the 9/11Memorial and  Wall Street areas. 

 We will cover ways of approaching people (friends and strangers) and getting them to agree/cooperate, ways of directing strangers, capturing character and emotions, making meaningful as opposed to obvious images, knowing when photos are successful, use of fill flash during the day, developing a portfolio and longer-term photo projects (the conceiving, creating and marketing of our work). We will critique each day’s shoot on Sunday, and look at personal approaches to photography. This will be the fifth time teaching this fast paced and intense workshop. 

Master Workshop in London, England with Harvey Stein – Leica Gallery and Store (still being planned)
July 5–7, 2019, three-day workshop

This workshop will focus on the techniques and insights needed to make meaningful images of people.  We will consider the variety of ways to photograph individuals, including friends, family, and strangers in such diverse settings as the home, the street and in work situations.  The workshop will also explore ways of organizing environmental elements to make persuasive statements of and about people.

Key topics include ways of capturing character, methods of approaching and photographing strangers on the street, the use of light (both natural and flash) as an expressive and aesthetic element of the photograph and techniques of posing and interacting with subjects. 

The workshop will be presented in lectures, demonstrations, and photographic field trips to various areas in and around London where people congregate. Time will be spent discussing photographs taken during the workshop. 

Various Leica cameras will be available to use during the workshop. Owning a Leica is not necessary for the workshop.

Those who are intrigued by the variety, psychology, and social interactions of people and who want to capture these elements photographically, will benefit from this workshop.

Spectacular New Mexico: Travel Workshop to Taos, New Mexico
August 10–18, 2019
Register: 212-316-9157

I have taught this workshop for over 10 years and it’s always terrific. New Mexico has been described as a place of inviolate, pristine beauty, engendering an almost spiritual feeling for the land and the overwhelming sense of peacefulness. Since the 1880s, photographers and artists—Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Strand, Ansel Adams, Laura Gilpin, Eliot Porter—have been irresistibly drawn to the incredible landscape, brilliant clear light, and rich Native American heritage. Join us for a photographic adventure based at an historic hacienda in Taos, one of the first European settlements in the United States. Taos is a many-faceted city: frontier outpost, Hispanic village, growing art center, and small Western town. Our private van transports the group to the lofty peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the spectacular scenery of the Rio Grange Gorge, and the wondrous hills of O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch area. This is a unique adventure that includes photographing Native American pueblos, adobe structures, historic churches, and local festivals. We also spend a day exploring Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico (like going back in time forty years). Instruction covers strategies of approaching strangers, the appropriate lens choices, issues of landscape photography, portraiture and working in all kinds of beautiful New Mexico availablelight.

The workshop is open to all levels of photographers who have a good working knowledge of their cameras. Moderate hiking and walking are required in this information packed workshop.

Suprising Sri Lanka
October 2019
Register: 212-316-9157

Let me know if you want to be put on a list for enrollment, this will be an amazing adventure arranged by the wonderful travel agent who I’ve worked with for several years in Vietnam. 


International Center of Photography
New York, NY


Exploring Portraiture and Landscape: A Basic Foundation
January 29 – April 2, 2019, ten-week workshop
New York, New York
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This class is designed for photographers who are interested in exploring the range of technical and aesthetic issues of two distinct genres: portraiture and the landscape.  During the first five weeks, students will be introduced to the elements of making a compelling portrait, looking at pose, gesture, expression and numerous other concerns that produce an interesting and meaningful portrait. Simple lighting methods from ambient to tungsten and strobe techniques will be discussed.  The second five weeks will provide an overview of the landscape tradition in photography—from the traditional approach to the most contemporary.  Translating the three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional image requires both technical and aesthetic considerations unique to each genre. Through assignments, critiques, and presentations of work by other photographers, students will find their own style in both portraiture and landscape photography.  

Exploring the Long Term Project
January 29 – April 2, 2019, Tuesday evenings, ten-week workshop
New York, New York
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The mark of a more advanced photographer is the ability to conceive, develop, and complete extended personal photography projects.  There is nothing more satisfying than to successfully complete such a project.  The rewards can be substantial: a magazine article, a blog presentation, a gallery exhibition, perhaps a book publication.

This workshop is designed to give the photographer greater direction and lucidity in his/her current picture making.  Each participant will work on a project (either existing or newly initiated) and present this work for class discussion and analysis.  We will emphasize intention, methods of working, ways of achieving insight and understanding, and movement toward the final resolution of the project.

Issues explored include: use of complimentary media (word, film, etc.) to enhance meaning, thinking about and finding subject matter that has personal relevance, photo selection and their interrelationships, sequence and pace, length of the work, and final presentation (book, catalog, exhibition, etc.).  Attention will be given to improving technical, aesthetic, and perceptual abilities that contribute to the making of strong personal projects.  Examples of personal projects will be presented and discussed.

Photographing New York City Places and People
July 13-14, July 27-28, 2019, two–weekend class
New York, New York
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The true subject of this workshop is the amazing and fantastic city of New York and the people who populate it. Of course there are endless possibilities when making images of the city. Our approach will be to explore out of the way places that are filled with interesting and exciting sites and people and events. We will travel to such places as the fantasy land of Coney Island, the huge Asian community of Flushing, Queens, the Hispanic enclave in Corona, Queens, the vibrant Italian community of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and travel on the Staten Island Ferry to that neglected borough. Elements of photographing people and places such as lighting; environment and location; gesture, expression, and pose; composition; camera position and formats; and the relationship between subject and photographer will be explored and analyzed.

Photographing People
July 22-26, five–day class
New York, New York
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When we photograph people, we encounter all the possibilities and challenges that arise when establishing relationships with strangers, friends, or loved ones. Portraiture requires the vigilance to notice and interpret gestures and expressions and the patience to wait for the moment in which the subject’s character is revealed. In this workshop, students photograph people in various locations—in the studio, in different environments, and on the street—in order to gain an understanding of the particular issues that arise in each situation. Key topics include ways of capturing character in a photograph, methods of approaching and photographing strangers, the use of light (both natural and flash in outdoor and studio situations) as an expressive and aesthetic element of the photograph and techniques of posing and interacting with subjects. All formats welcome.