Workshops and Classes

The year 2018 promises to be a terrific year photographically, with at least nine exciting New York and global workshops scheduled and a new book publication. Here is Harvey's teaching schedule through October. If interested in any of the classes or workshops, please email or call 212.316.9157 . Here's wishing you a great new year.


Spectacular New Mexico: Travel Workshop to Taos, New Mexico
August 11-19
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New Mexico has been described as a place of inviolate, pristine beauty, engendering an almost spiritual feeling for the land and the overwhelming sense of peacefulness. Since the 1880s, photographers and artists—Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Strand, Ansel Adams, Laura Gilpin, Eliot Porter—have been irresistibly drawn to the incredible landscape, brilliant clear light, and rich Native American heritage. Join us for a photographic adventure based at an historic hacienda in Taos, one of the first European settlements in the United States. Taos is a many-faceted city: frontier outpost, Hispanic village, growing art center, and small Western town. Our private van transports the group to the lofty peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the spectacular scenery of the Rio Grange Gorge, and the wondrous hills of O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch area. This is a unique adventure that includes photographing Native American pueblos, adobe structures, historic churches, and local festivals. We also spend a day exploring Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico (like going back in time forty years). Instruction covers strategies of approaching strangers, the appropriate lens choices, issues of landscape photography, portraiture and working in all kinds of beautiful New Mexico available light.

The workshop is open to all levels of photographers who have a good working knowledge of their cameras. Moderate hiking and walking are required in this information packed workshop.


International Center of Photography
New York, NY


The Fundamentals of Portraiture: A Basic Foundation
January 23 – March 27, 2018, ten-week workshop
New York, New York
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Creating portraits is much more than merely recording a face. This course provides students with the basic foundation necessary to achieve strongly felt, expressive, and interpretive portraits. Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of portraiture—formal and informal, on location, outdoors, and in the studio—as well as elements of portraiture such as lighting (natural and artificial), environment and location, gesture, expression and pose, use of props, lenses, composition, and the relationship between subject and photographer, and various technical considerations.

Lighting for the Portrait (concentrating on studio portrait lighting)
March 10–11, 17–18, two-weekend workshop
New York, New York
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Without light, photography is impossible. The mastery and control of light is of particular importance in making portraits. This workshop will detail the variety of ways one can illuminate the subject using tungsten and strobe light. The emphasis in this two-weekend workshop will be placed on studio lighting, but we will also address outdoor and on-location lighting. Lighting the face varies significantly from lighting the figure and we will consider both.

Covered in depth will be lighting foreground/background elements, using one light and multiple lighting setups, exposure of light for controlled yet creative results, ways of manipulating light, when and how to use contrasty and diffused light simultaneously, accessories (flash meters, reflectors, grids, soft boxes, etc.), and the theory and practice of lighting ratios. The workshop will include discussions, demonstrations, and participants photographing a model in the studio.

This workshop is for those who want to begin photographing subjects in controlled lighting situations, whether at home, at work or in a studio to those who have some experience with lighting but wish to take the next step toward making meaningful portraits in a technically proficient way.

Photographing People
July 16–20, five–day class
New York, New York
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When we photograph people, we encounter all the possibilities and challenges that arise when establishing relationships with strangers, friends, or loved ones. Portraiture requires the vigilance to notice and interpret gestures and expressions and the patience to wait for the moment in which the subject’s character is revealed. In this workshop, students photograph people in various locations—in the studio, in different environments, and on the street—in order to gain an understanding of the particular issues that arise in each situation. Key topics include ways of capturing character in a photograph, methods of approaching and photographing strangers, the use of light (both natural and flash in outdoor and studio situations) as an expressive and aesthetic element of the photograph and techniques of posing and interacting with subjects. All formats welcome.

Photographing New York City Places and People
July 21–22, 28–29, two–weekend class
New York, New York
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The true subject of this workshop is the amazing and fantastic city of New York and the people who populate it. Of course there are endless possibilities when making images of the city. Our approach will be to explore out of the way places that are filled with interesting and exciting sites and people and events.  We will travel to such places as the fantasy land of Coney Island, the huge Asian community of Flushing, Queens, the Hispanic enclave in Corona, Queens, the vibrant Italian community of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and travel on the Staten Island Ferry to that neglected borough. Elements of photographing people and places such as lighting; environment and location; gesture, expression, and pose; composition; camera position and formats; and the relationship between subject and photographer will be explored and analyzed.


Greece: Land of Beauty Workshop
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May 12-21

This is my fourth photography workshop to Greece. The workshop will take us to Athens and then to the Greek islands of Crete and Santorini, for a total of ten days; days and evenings full of vibrant city and village scenes, friendly people, historical sites, landmarks and endless scenic beauty.

I am offering this workshop with Margarita Mavromichalis, a native of Athens. Margarita has extensive knowledge of Greece in addition to being a wonderful photographer and organizer.

Greece is truly a very historical and beautiful country, filled with great antiquities and welcoming, lovely people. We spend time in Athens, visiting and photographing the incredible hilltop complex of the Acropolis, perhaps the greatest ancient monument in the Western world, the new Acropolis Museum, the changing of the Presidential Guards in front of the Parliament building, The National Cemetery and Garden, and the historic Plaka neighborhood. We then travel to Crete for four days and nights. Here we visit interesting small towns and smaller villages, the famous ruins at Knossos, and photograph the turbulent landscapes and friendly people of this island. Crete is the cradle of several civilizations, where Minoan, Cycladic, Classical, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Venetian and Turkish art and monuments co-exist today.

We then take a short ferry ride to Santorini, called the most perfect island in the world. Formed from a volcanic cone that erupted in the second millennium b.c., this island affords gorgeous views of the sea everywhere you look, small gem-like towns and villages very much worth exploring, and the excavations of the ruins of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri. There are sheer lava cliffs of the caldera to photograph, layered in varicolored rock with white houses overhead like a dusting of snow.

This is a fun, exciting workshop that will give us ample opportunities for making wonderful photographs.

Leica Gallery and Store London, England—Master Workshop with Harvey Stein (Photographing People)
July 6–8, three-day weekend workshop

This workshop will focus on the techniques and insights needed to make meaningful images of people.  We will consider the variety of ways to photograph individuals, including friends, family, and strangers in such diverse settings as the home, the street and in work situations. The workshop will also explore ways of organizing environmental elements to make persuasive statements of and about people.

Key topics include ways of capturing character, methods of approaching and photographing strangers on the street, the use of light (both natural and flash) as an expressive and aesthetic element of the photograph and techniques of posing and interacting with subjects.

The workshop will be presented in lectures, demonstrations, and photographic field trips to various areas in and around London where people congregate. Time will be spent discussing photographs taken during the workshop.

Various Leica cameras will be available to use during the workshop. Owning a Leica is not necessary for the workshop.

Those who are intrigued by the variety, psychology, and social interactions of people and who want to capture these elements photographically, will benefit from this workshop.

Center for Documentary Studies (Documentary Street Photography)
September 21-23
Duke University, Durham NC
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The workshop aims to provide each student with knowledge of and experience in photographing people in a variety of ways including on the street, indoor locations, and in the subject’s environment. The emphasis will be on creating inventive portraits that are personally based and meaningful. The objective will be accomplished through lectures, demonstrations, photographic field trips, and critiques of what we photograph during the weekend.

Irresistible Vietnam Workshop
October 20 - November 2
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I am thrilled to announce my second photography workshop to Vietnam (my first was last year). We will visit and photograph very special places and hidden gems of Northern Vietnam, including Hoi An, Sapa, and of course Hanoi. In addition, we will visit hill tribes and ethnic minorities in the villages of Northern Vietnam to experience and learn about their lives. We will photograph night and day markets, majestic coastlines, hidden coves, beautiful landscapes, small authentic craft and fishing villages and the very humble and welcoming people of this vibrant country.

We will travel by private coach, chartered wooden boats based on the model of the old Chinese court vessels and one internal flight.  We plan to visit a school, a home for the elderly, a wedding, and music, puppet and dance performances.  We will photograph pagodas, assembly halls, an ancestral house, a Japanese bridge, and rice fields carved out of mountains.